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EGUSD in the Spotlight
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Options abound on new College and Career website

Photo: A Laguna Creek Student and EGUSD Head Counselor explore the new EGUSD College and Career Website

Photo: A Laguna Creek Student and EGUSD Head Counselor explore the new EGUSD College and Career Website

The Elk Grove Unified School District has launched a new tool to help parents and students navigate the world of college and career preparation. The district’s new College and Career website will serve as a “one-stop shop” for high school students’ preparation for life after high school.

“This website will serve as yet another resource for high school students as they map out their futures,” said Ralph Robles, head counselor for Elk Grove Unified.  “This is a powerful tool that contains so much college and career information, a person could spend days and even weeks just researching through the many different options.”

The college area of the website offers students a wealth of information about a variety of school choices available for today’s graduating college-bound senior.  In addition to information and links to the various schools, students can find virtual tours of college campuses and entrance requirements.  There are helpful tips on how to apply, prepare and pay for college.  And the site includes information for scholar athletes who plan on playing sports in college.  The site also has sections on financial aid, scholarships, and testing.

Students not planning on taking the college route can find a webpage devoted to post secondary alternatives.  Here, students can discover information on trade schools and colleges, study abroad opportunities, the Peace Corps, the Disney World College Internship Program, Amigos Dos Los Americas, and leads for summer jobs.

The career section will give students and parents the ability to create resumes and complete job applications live. This section will also include a link to a national job bank which will allow students the opportunity to conduct a live job search.

There are even tools for younger students who wish to start planning for their future.  A personality quiz helps students determine what their interests are and the possible careers that might suit them.

“The EGUSD College and Career website will put the future at our students' fingertips,” said Christina Penna, Associate Superintendent of Secondary Education.  “Using the site's resources and links, students -- and their parents and guardians -- can access college prep information and even take virtual tours of college campuses.  This unique website underscores the district's commitment to college and career preparation for every student and provides an invaluable tool for every student's planning.”

To visit the site go to http://www.egusd.net/collegeandcareer.


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